The Garden Club of New Haven

Since its founding in 1924, the Garden Club of New Haven (GCNH) has promoted knowledge of gardening and an appreciation for the ways in which gardens and the natural world enhance the quality of our lives. The club’s educational work in horticulture, its environmental activism, and its civic engagement aim to secure a future for the Greater New Haven community in which the beauty of nature is both celebrated and preserved.

To support its mission, it provides programs on:

Flowers & Plants

GCNH provides education on the science and beauty of plants, including their sowing, cultivation, and arranging, while instilling an appreciation of their artistry, utility and value.


GCNH seeks ways to restore and preserve natural resources for future generations at a time of environmental threat through its member’s efforts as advocates, educators, and volunteers.


GCNH works together with other groups, and its individual members serve the community through civic beautification projects and financial support of like-minded community programs.

Celebrating Our Centennial 2024- 2025

Rooted in History- Planted in the Present-

Branching into the Future

Highlights of our history and past members presented at GCNH meetings in anticipation of our birthday celebration:

We are committed to Civic Engagement
and work tirelessly to enhance our community

Civic Projects

Civic Projects

GCNH supports the New Haven community, including a Holiday Workshop, maintenance of Phelps Triangle Park, and New Haven Elms.



GCNH members seek preservation of natural resources and establishes ongoing community-focused projects



The Garden Club of New Haven organizes and manages scholarship awards to a local recipients.



GCNH gives awards those whose work best reflects the mission: To create interest in & promote knowledge of gardening, preservation of natural resources & civic horticultural work.

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The Garden Club of New Haven is a proud member of

​The Garden Club of America
​ &​
The ​Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc. ​

If you are interested in learning about the Garden Club of New Haven and how you can support it, please contact us. We welcome any volunteer efforts or expertise that might enhance the work of our members. For more information, please contact me at the email address below.

Cordalie Benoit, President