Partners for Plants

Edgerton Park Conservancy Pollinator Meadow

Edgerton Park is a 20-acre public park on Whitney Avenue which has an established conservancy and community gardens. In collaboration with the Edgerton Park Conservancy, we began work in 2018 to remove invasive weeds and establish a pollinator meadow in the area at the northeast corner. Weed removal was accomplished without use of chemicals through soil solarization. The work led to eradication of large sections of mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum). We were advised by experts at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station that clear plastic is more effective than black plastic. This proved true in practice.

Initial efforts to solarize the area covered with invasive plants were successful and have been followed by mowing to inhibit reestablishment and maturation of mugwort, knotweed, bittersweet and other invasive plants. Weed seeds remain, eradication is ongoing, and planting of native meadow plants continues. Our project has spawned interest in this area of the park by the Edgerton Conservatory which has installed honeybee hives.

Quinnipiac Meadows

Quinnipiac Meadows Invasives Removal & Pollinator Garden

Quinnipiac Meadows Nature Preserve, located on the Quinnipiac River, is adjacent to a highly populated community, where neighbors enjoy walking, exercising and bird watching through the paths on the meadows and marshes. Our civic partner in this project, Gather New Haven, hosts regular educational hikes for the city’s school children.

Starting in March, 2019 the club has worked to eradicate specific invasive plant species and installed two pollinator areas: one at the entrance to the Quinnipiac Meadows Nature Preserve and one along the meadow trail. These native shrubs and perennials attract pollinators as well as serve as a food source for fauna and birds. Ongoing maintenance and expansion of the work continues.