The Garden Club of New Haven

Since its founding in 1924, the Garden Club of New Haven (GCNH) has promoted knowledge of gardening and an appreciation for the ways in which gardens and the natural world enhance the quality of our lives. The club’s educational work in horticulture, its environmental activism, and its civic engagement aim to secure a future for the Greater New Haven community in which the beauty of nature is both celebrated and preserved.

To support its mission, it provides programs on:

Flowers & Plants

GCNH provides education on the science and beauty of plants, including their sowing, cultivation, and arranging, while instilling an appreciation of their artistry, utility and value.


GCNH seeks ways to restore and preserve natural resources for future generations at a time of environmental threat through its member’s efforts as advocates, educators, and volunteers.


GCNH works together with other groups, and its individual members serve the community through civic beautification projects and financial support of like-minded community programs.